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Watch Julijo in Pidol's Wonderland
August 13 2010

Watch Out Julijo Pisk he will be guesting in TV5 this Sunday Aug 15 at 7:00pm, on Pidol's Wonderland. A wonderful mix of magical tales and family comedy!

StarKidz On the Block - Debut Album Update
June 2009

StarKidz will be releasing their very own ALBUM (CD- Delight) entitled's StarKidz on the Block which is composed of 4 songs w/ minus one. It is composed by a well known composer Gilbert Circulado (who popularized the song of Jerimaiah, "Nanghihinayang") . Should you want to hear the songs of StarKidz, we would be glad to give you a sample CD.

The following is the list of the songs included in their CD - Delight:

• StarKidz on the Block (Let us get Together)
• Boom Boom Shake Shake ( Feel the Beat)
• Sige Sige na, Hataw na!
• Don't walk away my friend

It is projected that their songs will surely be a hit in the market. Also, to date, there is no existing group of kids right now who got the popularity, looks, and performance level and their songs are really exciting to hear.

The group of StarKidz is now in the ladder of success. They have several upcoming mall shows and provincial shows.

Kamoteng Kahoy graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board
June 10,2009

The touching drama"Kamoteng Kahoy"s the fifth Sine Direk entry produced by APT Entertainment and the Directors Guild of the Philippines. Its star-studded premiere night took place at the University of the Philippines Cine Adarna last night, June 9.

Director Maryo J. delos Reyes took pride in the fact that he lobbied for his film to receive a General Patronage rating from the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board.

This film stars Nash Aguas, Robert "Buboy" Villar, Gloria Romero, Yul Servo, Ana Capri, Marissa Sanchez, Anton Bernardo, Gerard Madrid, Julio Pisk, Sharlene San Pedro, and Irma Adlawan.

YOUNG DRAMATIC ACTORS. Viewers will find a lot of scenes in Kamoteng Kahoy that just might move them to tears. The young cast members, particularly Nash and Buboy, have heavy dramatic scenes in this film and one can't help but admire these budding actors.

Some of the highlights include the actual poisoning that took place in the San Isidro Elementary School, the torture scene of Buboy's character at the hands of his aunt (Irma Adlawan), the time when Lola Idang (played by Gloria Romero) is being persecuted by the town, and ending of the film when the character of Nash learns the power of forgiveness.

Still, there are enough light moments in the film that will definitely entertain viewers as well. One of them is the scene where Nash and Buboy have to deal with a baby piglet. Both child actors found it difficult to shoot this scene. Nash pointed out, Maliit lang po [ang biik] pero ang bigat! Parang Pinoy Fear Factor po kasi ang baho! Ang hirap kasi ang likot ng baboy. Tinurukan pa nga ng tranquilizer yung baboy para tumino, e!

In this film, Meryll Soriano impressed viewers with her intense performance of a mother grieving for the death of her child. The actress told PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that she was initially wary about shooting the slapping scene with Gloria Romero.

"Nung nabasa ko nga ang script, sabi ko" Paano ko sasampalin ang isang matanda? Tapos nung nalaman ko na si Tita Glo, inisip ko, pwede ko nang isama sa resume na nabugbog ko na si Ms. Gloria Romero. Hindi pa kami nagkakasama sa isang eksena although part kami noon ng Betty La Fea.

All the stars of the film attended the premiere night except for Ms. Gloria Romero, who was sick at that time.


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